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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, also known simply as Schiphol Airport or by its International Civil Aviation Organization code of EHAM, is the primary transportation option for people visiting the Netherlands’ capital city of Amsterdam whether for a vacation or for work. It handles more than 70 million passengers a year and ranks third on the list of Europe’s busiest airports.
Amsterfam Airport AMS
Amsterfam Airport AMS
Amsterdam international airport connecting to many notable European airports. It is the home base for many intercontinental airlines such as KLM, Arkefly, Transavia, Amsterdam Airlines and Martinir. The name of the airport, Schiphol, was derived from a former fortification called Fort Schiphol which was part of the Stelling van Amsterdam defense works. Before 1852 there was a large lake at the Haarlemmermeer polder where the airport now lies. The shallow waters of the lake would often experience sudden violent storms which claimed many ships. Indeed this was the reason why the lake was reclaimed. Schiphol translates to ‘Ship grave’ in English, referring to the many ships that were lost in the area.

Amsterdam Airport started operating back in 1916 and it was initially used as a local airbase for the military. The airport only had a few barracks and a field that used to serve both as the platform and a runway. The civil airports started using the facility in December 1920. Today the airport has been built as one large terminal where all its facilities are located under one roof. This terminal has been split into three large departure halls. There are plans in place to expand the terminal further and to build other separate new terminals between the Zwanenburgbaan and Polderbaan runways thus bringing to an end the one-terminal concept that the airport has long been known for.

Amsterdam Airport (AMS) handled 20,884,044 passengers in 2020 and is the busiest airport in Netherlands.

To get to Amsterdam downtown via taxi, from Amsterdam Airport it takes about 20 min without traffic and will cost about 39 euro.

Amsterdam Airport has regularly appeared in Europe’s top five airports list in terms of traffic and number of flights as the airport serves almost 50 million passengers per year. There are many intercontinental airlines that operate from this airport. The airport also ranks as the 6th largest in terms of international traffic. Amsterdam Airport has six runways and one is mainly used by general aviation aircraft. There are plans in place to construct a seventh runway.
Amsterdam Airport has six runways and one is mainly used by general aviation aircraft. There are plans in place to construct a seventh runway. This airport has made Amsterdam a cheap and easy destination to reach for many travelers as one can book a flight at the last minute because there are approximately 100 airlines that operate from this airport. Due to intense traffic coupled with high landing fees, some of the low budget carriers decided to move their flights to smaller airports. However, there are still many low cost carriers operating from the airport.

AMS Airport Information

IATA airport code: AMS

ICAO airport code: EHAM

Owner / Operator: Royal Schiphol Group

Serves: Amsterdam

Hub for

  • KLM
  • KLM Cargo
  • KLM Cityhopper
  • Martinair

Location: Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

Airport Facilities

If you are traveling through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol whether for work or a vacation, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many great facilities and services available – everything from relaxation zones to lounges and from wonderful food and drink options to duty free shopping. The top quality amenities are what you’d expect from what is Europe’s third-busiest airport.

Amsterdam Airport processes more than 70 million passengers a year, so that’s why it offers such fantastic services. And the even better news is that many of these services are available regardless of if you’re just landing at the airport or preparing for your flight home. It means that you should be able to both start your journey and end it feeling pampered and relaxed.

Quick list of what’s on offer at Amsterdam Airport

  • Banking including ATMs
  • Business center
  • Currency exchange desks
  • Children’s playing area
  • Food and drink options
  • Duty free shopping
  • Massage services
  • Rooms for taking care of babies
  • Designated smoking areas
  • Charging stations for electronics
  • Tax refund kiosks
  • Luggage storage
  • Luggage wrapping
  • Prayer rooms
  • First aid and other medical care
  • Xpress Spa
  • Lounges
  • Free Wi-Fi

Relaxation & Rest

One of the most important aspects for any airport is being able to provide services that can help all travelers to unwind and catch up on their rest — whether that’s after a long flight to Amsterdam or whether that’s to reduce stress before having to board a flight home. At the airport you can choose between using lounges, sleeping pods, or designated rest areas.

Using airport lounges at Amsterdam Airport

There are a number of airport lounges located within the airport, operated either by specific airport lounge companies or by airlines. Most of these lounges are available to use for a one-time fee, and prices vary depending on the lounge. Check with your airline to see whether your frequent flyer status with them might entitle you to free access to the company’s lounge.

At most lounges you can expect to find a good mix of amenities including free newspapers and other reading materials, snacks and beverages, comfortable chairs, televisions, and more. They can provide a nice way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Catching up on your rest by using a sleep pod

If you’d like to get some rest during your time in the airport, there are some options available with sleep pods that fit a single person and can be rented for a set amount of time. It’s the perfect choice if you simply want to nap for an hour or two before or after your flight. Look for the signs directing you to the sleep rooms within the airport, but note that you will have to pay for using the pods. Some shower facilities are also available for an additional price.

Spend some time unwinding in a free rest zone

Alternatively, you could unwind in one the airport’s five free rest zones that provide extra-comfy chairs that recline. You’ll find zones conveniently located near most of the main gates. And be sure to have a way to keep a close hold on your belongings if you intend to sleep in one of the rest zones because thefts, although incredibly rare, can still happen in these areas.


The airport is situated 5.6 miles (or 9 kilometers) from the center of Amsterdam, and there are a number of choices available to passengers for how they get from the airport to the city. The different methods of transportation vary in terms of price, comfort, and how long the journey will take so you should choose an approach that works best for your time, budget and other needs.

Rental car

Rental cars are available at the airport, and you can either book these online in advance of your trip or you could approach a rental car company kiosk at the airport once you arrive. The benefit of having a rental car during your time in Amsterdam is that you’ll have complete independence for driving around the city, as well as the security of knowing your bags are safe in the trunk.

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There are also many different types off taxis available at the airport that can take you into Amsterdam. An advantage of traveling by taxi is that you don’t have to share the ride with strangers compared to the bus or the train, and your luggage will be safely secured in the trunk of the taxi. Depending on the size of your group of travelers, you should be able to find a taxi for your needs because regular cars, luxury vehicles and minivans are among the choices.

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Yet another option for getting from Schiphol Airport to the center of Amsterdam is to take the bus. You’ll find the bus boarding area directly outside the main airport foyer. This can be perhaps the cheapest method for getting into the city, however space will be very limited for luggage and therefore it’s not ideal if you’re traveling in a group with many bags.

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There’s a train station located underneath Schiphol Airport, and from there you can catch direct train services to Amsterdam and many other major cities in the Netherlands such as Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam. Trains operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and therefore you should be able to find a timetable that works for you no matter what time your flight arrives.

Trains are much cheaper than renting a car, but the trade-off is that you will likely have less space for your luggage. The average journey time from the airport to the city is 20 minutes.

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Shared car

You can choose between Share Now or SIXT to take a shared car ride from the airport to the center of Amsterdam. Think of this as a rental car that you only have for the duration of your journey. It can be an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of a rental car for much cheaper, and you can park your car in many spaces in Amsterdam once your journey is complete.

Business facilities

The airport also boasts of a wide range of business facilities like hiring of office equipments such as telephone services, secretarial services, among others. There is also a communication center that offers passengers internet facilities, mini-offices, and a post office. The Skyport business center has rooms that travelers can rent out for meetings. These rooms can accommodate 2-22 delegates.


There is a wide range of shops that are within the terminal and at the Schiphol Plaza. These include duty-free shops where travelers can buy souvenirs to take back home at an affordable price.

Eating and drinking

There is a wide range bars, cafes and restaurants located throughout the terminal in the airport. This has made sure that travelers can eat whatever they desire as they wait for their flights to take off.


  • Phone: +31207940800
  • Adrress: Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol, Netherlands

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