Amsterdam Airport Facilities

The Amsterdam airport has a number of facilities and amenities within the terminal building. Here is a list of these facilities.


There are several modes of transportation available at the airport to ensure that there is something suitable for each and every traveler. Travelers can find taxi services that are provided by the Schiphol travel taxis. This service is made available outside Schiphol Plaza. Travelers can also book taxis in advance from the airport’s official website.

There are regular public buses that transport travelers from the airport to Amsterdam and other cities in Netherlands. These buses are located on Platform A7 which is located in front of Arrivals Hall 2. There are direct train services from the airport to Amsterdam central station. There is also a direct train service to other cities like The Hague, Vlissingen and Rotterdam. The train station is located under Schiphol Plaza at the terminal’s central hall.

Disabled facilities

There are many facilities installed at the airport to ensure that the disabled get easy access to the airport with little or no help. This includes automatic doors, toilets, lifts and wheelchairs that can be provided upon request. There is also a company within the airport that offers electro-car services. In case any special assistance is required a traveler should just inform the airline before travelling.


In the summer of 2010 Amsterdam airport opened the world’s first permanent airport library. This library offers a collection 1200 books that are translated into 29 languages by Dutch writers. The 300-square foot library also offers e-books and music by Dutch artists which can be downloaded to a laptop or mobile device at no fee.

Duty Free & Shopping

All passengers are entitled to tax-free shopping at all airside shops. In general, the prices here are lower than in most other stores in the Netherlands.
Books, periodicals, and flowers, which are taxed by all passengers, and tobacco items, which are tax-free solely for passengers, are exceptions to the rule (boarding pass required).

In addition, there are numerous stores to keep you occupied while at the airport.

Free Wi-Fi

To have free Wi-Fi in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you need to connect to ’Airport_Free_Wifi’ internet network. Once your 4 hours is up, you can re-join to start another free session.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found Desk Tel: +31 20 333 0333.

Foreign currencies and insurance


They have a total of 60 different currencies in their possession. This service is free for exchanges with a minimum value of 250 euros; otherwise, you will be charged 3.25 euros.

Several ABN AMRO desks and ATMs may be found throughout Schiphol.


Lounge NameLocation
Aspire Lounge (No. 41)Location: AMS Terminal 3, Airside, Panorama Deck on the 3rd Floor. Non-Schengen flights onlyServices: TV, newspapers and magazines, Internet Terminals, Wi-Fi among others.

Aspire Lounge (No.26)
Location: AMS Terminal 1, Airside. Schengen flights only.TV, Wi-Fi, Internet Terminals, newspapers and magazines, among others.

British Airways Lounge
Location: Airside, Non-schengen area, 3rd floor, Departures Area 2/3, in lounge 40.Open from 05:30 am to 08:30 pm. Services: Snacks, newspapers and magazines, drinks, Wi-Fi, spirits and liquors.

Other Services

– Restaurants and cafeterias
– Shops
– Duty Free
– Tax Refund
– Pharmacy
– I Amsterdam visitor centre
– Smoking areas
– Baggage Carts
– Baggage Storage
– Massage Service
– VIP Services
– Seal Baggage
– Workstations
– Travel clinic
– Baby Care Rooms
– Hairdresser
– Internet Centre
– ATMs
– Currency Exchange
– Xpress Spa
– Massages Service