Amsterdam Airport Hotels

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, often simply referred to as Schiphol Airport or by its International Civil Aviation Organization Code of EHAM, is a modern facility that also includes a number of nearby hotels of varying price ranges that are perfect for the widest possible mix of travelers.

Whatever your budget, you should be able to find something suitable near the airport. Whether you are just looking for a place to sleep for a few hours before or after your flight, or plan on staying at an airport hotel for the duration of your trip to Amsterdam, there are many options.

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Proximity to airport: 5 to 7-minute walk away

Another higher-end hotel similar to the Sheraton, in exchange for paying more-expensive rates than competing accommodations you will receive top quality furniture and amenities in your room, with executive suites being the priciest option. The hotel itself also has plenty to offer travelers including a bar, restaurant, executive lounge, room service and fitness center.

The hotel is also located incredibly close to the main airport terminal, and there is a covered walkway that connects the two buildings that takes between five and seven minutes to walk. That makes it an ideal place to stay if you want instant access to Schiphol Airport.

The hotel rooms are sound proof for a peaceful sleep. Each room has large windows, coffee and tea facilities and a bath.

The hotel has a free health club with a sauna, a fitness centre and a Turkish steam bath.

There are various dining possibilities, ranging from a la carte meals to lovely buffets. There is a Teppanyaki table with live cooking. The bar serves cocktails and snacks.

To avoid carrying heavy luggage, a shuttle service is available to the airport. The train station is located inside the airport and can take you to Amsterdam centre in 15 minutes.

Address: Schiphol Boulevard 701, Schiphol, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 20 710 4000

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Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel and Conference Center

Proximity to airport: 5 to 7-minute walk away

If you’re willing to pay slightly more for your airport accommodation, you might want to consider this hotel. Prices will generally be higher than you’ll pay at other nearby hotels, but in exchange you’ll get a great quality of service and some wonderful amenities to help you relax.

The hotel is perhaps the closest to the airport, and it has more than 400 rooms. It is also directly linked to the main airport building and the distance between both takes just two minutes to walk.

It features a unique high-end grill restaurant as well as a separate bar, a fitness center including heated swimming pools, business facilities for work meetings, and other attractions.

The hotel is aimed at people who will be staying overnight for at least one day, typically more. Therefore, if you’re just looking for somewhere to sleep and shower for a few hours before or after your flight, you should consider other airport hotels designed for that purpose.

Address: Schiphol Boulevard 101, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Telephone number: +31 20 316 4300

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YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol Transit Hotel

Proximity to airport: 3 to 5 -minute walk away

This hotel is a lower-cost choice that is primarily designed for people who want somewhere that they can sleep and shower for a few hours after their flight lands of before it departs.

Because of the reduced amount of time you’ll be spending in your room, called a cabin, the rates you’ll pay are significantly less than other hotels in the area that charge for overnight stays. The minimum stay is four hours, which ranges in cost from €52 in a solo cabin to €95 in a family cabin. You can pay €10 for additional hours, but the maximum stay is eight hours.

Passengers must check their bags before they can get a room at this hotel, which is located within Lounge 2 in the Schiphol Airport terminal, but hand luggage is allowed. The cabins include smart televisions, WiFi, showers and complementary toiletries. Tea and coffee is available for €1.50 along with other options for drinks and food.

Address: Vertrekpassage, 1118 AS Schiphol, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Telephone number: +31 20 206 5782

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citizen Schiphol Airport

Proximity to airport: 7 to 10 -minute walk away

Designed as a lower-cost hotel, this venue is great for those travelers who want to save money on their accommodation but would still like a good level of quality during their stay. Each features extra-large beds, blackout blinds so that you’ll be able to sleep no matter what time of day it is, power showers, mood lighting, and free WiFi is provided for all guests.

The various amenities and facilities at this hotel include a canteen which provides food and drink 24 hours a day, seven days a week, six meeting rooms for business travelers, ironing rooms, books and other reading materials, a shop selling a range of useful items, and more.

Like the other accommodation options on this list, this hotel is situated very close to the airport and it will take you about seven minutes to walk between the two locations.

Address: Jan Plezierweg 2, 1118 BB Schiphol, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Telephone number: +31 20 408 0498

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