Amsterdam Airport Taxi
Amsterdam Airport Taxi
Amsterdam Airport Taxi

Amsterdam Airport Taxi

All The Information You’ll Need About Amsterdam Airport Taxis

At least 70 million passengers a year travel through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on their way to visit the Netherland’s capital city of Amsterdam. The airport, also known by its International Civil Aviation Organization code of EHAM, is located 5.6 miles (about 9 kilometers) from the southwest of the city center and it’s very easy to get to Amsterdam from the airport and back.

There are a number of Amsterdam Airport transportation options, including public transportation such as trains and buses, rental or shared cars, and taxis. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, although with a taxi you get the benefit of not having to drive yourself but also of having a private ride and the knowledge that your bags are secure in the car’s trunk.

Taxis will also take you directly from the airport to the door of your hotel or other final destination in Amsterdam or elsewhere. The guide below offers important details to review before your flight, including how much you can expect to pay when taking an Amsterdam Airport taxi, how long the journey into Amsterdam should be, how to avoid potential taxi scams, and more.

Where to find the taxi pickup area at Amsterdam Airport

If you’ve decided to use a taxi to get from the airport into the center of Amsterdam, after your flight has landed and you have collected your bags, you should look for the signs directing you to the official taxi pickup area which is located outside the airport in Schiphol Plaza. Or if you’re struggling to find the signs, simply ask an airport employee to direct you to the taxi area.

Key facts about taking a taxi from Amsterdam Airport

The average journey time when traveling from the airport to Amsterdam should be about 15 to 20 minutes. However, you might have to plan on the ride taking longer if you’re traveling at rush hour or other peak times. And the journey could be quicker at quieter times of day.

Taxis operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning you should easily be able to find a taxi soon after landing regardless of what time of day your flight gets into the airport.

Standard taxis operate using a meter, which means that the longer the distance of your journey and the more time it takes, the higher your fare will be. Generally you can expect to pay anywhere from €40 to €55 for a one-way ride from the airport into Amsterdam, depending on the exact location of your rental apartment, hotel or wherever else you are staying on your trip.

All taxis from Amsterdam Airport will take cash but not all of them will accept credit cards, so it’s a good idea to always carry enough Euros so that you can pay for the ride with cash. Be sure to add a little extra in tip to reward any driver who provides you with a safe and quick journey.

Types of taxis available at Amsterdam Airport

There are three types of taxi primarily available at Amsterdam Airport — Standard Taxis, Travel Taxis and Business Taxis — and the choice that’s right for you will depend on your individual needs, including your budget, the size of your group and amount of luggage, and more.

Standard Taxis

These are the most commonly used taxis from the airport and have the largest fleet. They are traditional five-seater cars that will have some space in the trunk for your luggage. The rides operate by meters, and you will be able to clearly see the price of your ride throughout the journey. Many taxis will accept credit cards but not every driver will have a card payment machine, so check before you start your ride if you would like to pay using this method.

By law, drivers cannot refuse to give you a journey if they do not want to go to your destination, so you should remember this if a driver says that your destination is out of their way. You can also ask for a printed receipt at the end of your ride if you need to keep it for whatever reason.

Travel Taxis

Travel Taxis are like small buses and are able to take up to eight passengers, whether that’s one group or a number of strangers sharing the same ride to different destinations. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it’s recommended that you book them in advance. If you are traveling in a single group of up to eight you could pay for a Travel Taxi and split the costs among you for a very affordable ride taking you directly to your hotel or other venue.

Alternatively, you can lower your costs by sharing a Travel Taxi with strangers and you’ll be dropped off one after another at a reduced rate. The only downside of this approach is that your journey time could be very long if you are the final destination on the Travel Taxi’s route.

Business Taxis

Designed for luxury travelers, Business Taxis are a high-end and more-expensive option for getting from the airport to the center of Amsterdam. It’s highly recommended that you reserve these in advance.

You can expect to be driven in a BMW, Mercedes or other first-class vehicle and you will also be paired with some of the most qualified and professional drivers available. This can be a great option to take if you’re traveling on work and your company will cover the cost, of if you would like to start your vacation in Amsterdam with a comfy and classy ride. Your luggage will be kept secure in the trunk of the vehicle until you arrive at your final destination.


(average charge – all included by a Amsterdam Airport Taxi) From Amsterdam Airport AMS.

Amsterdam Centraal Train Station43€26 km37 min
Amsterdam Cruise Port Terminal43€24 km34 min
Felison Cruise Terminal61€61 km41 min
Eindhoven Airport187€124 km180 min
Zandvoort49€24 km34 min

Warning about potential scams using Amsterdam Airport taxis

Although many of the licensed taxi drivers at Amsterdam Airport are very professional and treat their passengers with honesty and respect, unfortunately there are sometimes drivers — whether authorized to operate at the airport or not — who will try to defraud visitors out of their money. Keep reading to learn about how to identify and avoid falling victim to some of these scams.

To ensure that you only hail a legitimate taxi from the airport, you must only attempt to get a ride from the designated taxi pickup area outside the main terminal building. There are signs in the airport directing you to this area, or any member of airport staff can also tell you where to go.

You can tell that a taxi is an authentic and approved vehicle if it has a clearly visible driver’s license inside the car, a tariff card on the outside and inside of the car, and a blue number plate. Never get in a car that does not have all three features as it might be an unauthorized taxi.

Further, you should always refuse to speak with anyone who approaches you within the airport terminal and says that they are a taxi driver and can give you a much cheaper journey than the officially licensed taxis. That’s because these are unauthorized drivers who will often charge you significantly higher fares than you would have paid with a regular airport taxi. Another problem is that non-licensed taxis typically don’t have insurance to cover passengers in the event of an accident, which could you leave you with major medical bills in the event of a car accident.

Another top tip is to have either a print-out of the quickest direction to your hotel or other destination, or to have the route saved on your mobile phone. You can find these through a simple internet map search. Make sure you show this to the driver before the journey starts and tell them that you want to take that route. This will protect you against the driver taking you on an unnecessarily long route that would benefit them by increasing the fare you’ll have to pay.

Also, some taxi drivers will say that they do not want to use their meter or that it is broken, and they will offer you a flat fare to get to your destination instead. Sadly, this is a trick because the flat fare that they are offering is usually much more expensive than the same journey would have cost you if the driver were to use their meter. If this happens to you, calmly remind the driver that they are required to charge you by the meter and to use it for your ride. If they still refuse to use the meter, you should exit the car and wait until you can get another taxi.

Yet another trick that some taxi drivers try to use is adding a surcharge on to your ride if you are traveling at night, claiming that this is an evening fee. You should refuse to pay this excess charge because there are no night fees applicable to Amsterdam Airport taxis. If the driver is confrontational with you, you should exit the car or threaten to report them. You’ll find that most drivers trying to commit scams will back down when you show you’re aware it’s a scam.

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Amsterdam Airport Taxi FAQ

The airport provides several methods for the journey into Amsterdam: bus, car, train, shared van, rental car, and taxi. Many visitors opt for taking a taxi because it gives them total privacy along with security that their bags are secure in the trunk of the car.

If you’re planning on visiting Amsterdam, whether for fun or for work, check out the top queries below that people ask about how to take a taxi from Schiphol Airport to the city.

You can choose between Standard Taxis, Travel Taxis and Business Taxis. Standard Taxis are regular four-door cars that can accommodate groups of up to four people. Travel Taxis are larger vehicles such as vans, and Business Taxis are luxury cars for treating yourself.

If you are taking a Standard Taxi to get to your hotel or other accommodation in Amsterdam, anticipate paying between €40 and €55 for the one-way journey. Standard Taxis operate on meters that charge by time and distance, and therefore the exact price will depend on how far and long your final destination is from the airport. Fares for Travel Taxis will be higher due to the larger size of the vehicle and group transported, and you can expect to pay much more than a Standard Taxi fare when you take a Business Taxi because of the high quality of service.

Most taxi rides from Schiphol Airport to the city center take between 15 and 20 minutes. However, the length of your ride might be longer if you’re traveling at a busy time of day such as rush hour. Or it might be shorter if you are in the taxi at a quieter time of day.

Yes, you can get a taxi from the airport into the city 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means even if your flight arrives very late or very early in the day, you’ll be able to find a taxi.